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BUCHEN & KOOB are specialists in the selling of premium residential properties and are personally committed to representing your interests from the first moment on. We determine the ideal selling price for your property and find you a buyer who appreciates your property as much as you do. Our aim is to sell your property quickly and smoothly, while making sure you get the best possible price. Take advantage of the decades of experience and outstanding expertise that set B&K apart from the rest. In addition to this, we maintain excellent connections to the most relevant, and for you, most interesting, potential buyers and have an extensive portfolio of premium customers on our files.

You can look forward to business relations founded on confidentiality, trust and the principles of partnership throughout the entire selling process. In addition to competence, absolute discretion and dependability, clear and unambiguous communication also plays an essential role in our business relations. No questions will be left unanswered and incomprehensible processes will be explained immediately in clearly intelligible terms. We would also be pleased to make the necessary introductions to selected, highly-qualified and experienced notaries, legal experts and providers of any other services you may require. We accompany you throughout all contractual negotiations and remain at your side when you need us, even after completion of conveyancing.

Successful selling strategies

We ensure that your property attracts the right buyers.

We design and realise tailor-made and tightly- focused marketing concepts – because we know that no two properties are ever alike. Only one thing is an unchangeable constant: we ensure that your property is professionally presented in the most appropriate channels. It goes without saying that we accompany you throughout the entire selling process, know your requirements and needs and act as a competent point of contact. Our route to success:


At the beginning, we hold a detailed discussion with you, during which we determine and specify a precise profile of your wishes and requirements. In addition, in us, you will find a partner who knows your precise needs and can communicate them to third parties on your behalf.


Expert valuation is essential for successful marketing and the achievement of an optimum selling price for your property. We assess existing potentials and determine the current market price.


Finding buyers for a penthouse in Hamburg or for a Mallorcan finca are two entirely different matters. Successful marketing strategies are based on detailed analyses of target groups. These define our marketing approach and our choice of the most effective marketing channels.


Optimum presentation on our part is decisive for showing your property in the best possible light. This applies not only to the quality of our marketing photography, but also for viewing appointments with potential buyers. If you wish, we can make appropriate suggestions and realise them at your request to meet your specific needs. This can include, for instance, areas such as interior design and furnishings or the work of professional garden designers.


First impressions count. We create an exclusive, premium-quality exposé and provide a particularly professional and persuasive offer for potential buyers.


Initially, our marketing activities focus discreetly on earmarked potential buyers from the portfolio of premium customers on our files. Should no suitable customers be found on our files, we will expand our marketing efforts in a series of steps decided in close consultation with you. This could include, for example, the placement of ‘for sale’ signs in the neighbourhood of your property, online presentation or advertisements placed in selected print and online media.


We accompany you through all phases of the selling process, guide you safely through contract negotiations and provide valuable support during certification of the deed by a notary.


Our services do not end with the signing of the contract. We naturally also assist you when you hand over the property to its new owner.

Expert valuation

We think ahead.

The right asking price always plays a decisive role, so the valuation of your property is a very important foundation stone of a successful marketing strategy. The fundamental question is: What is my property worth? Here, the critical factors are a precise analysis of the property market and the determination of the best and highest asking price in the current market situation. We determine the optimum asking price by market observation and analysis. For example, with our in-depth knowledge of comparable properties, the calculation of material values with the aid of specialist firms and, if required, with the development of alternative utilisation or space optimisation concepts.

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    Responsibility and discretion

    Factors particularly appreciated by our customers and clients.

    When it come to this, BUCHEN & KOOB are very Hanseatic. An attitude that is particularly appreciated by our customers and clients. We offer not only expert valuation and a tightly-focused marketing strategy for your property, but also absolute discretion and an appropriate sense for confidentiality. We are fully aware of the enormous responsibility we bear for the values entrusted to our hands.

    Alongside competence and reliability, another of our strengths is absolute discretion. Several of the properties entrusted to our hands are offered exclusively off-market and are not publicly advertised. Please contact us if you wish to find out more about these properties.

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